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Japan part 5

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So currently sitting in our Hiroshima hotel. Spent the last night at a ryokan in Miajima, saw the floating torii and many other things.

I somehow managed to take 400 photos in 24 hours!!!

I'll post selected photos of the trip at the end in a final images post, or maybe create a facebook album that everyone can see for selected things.

The Hiroshima memorial museum is one of the most grotesque yet moving things I have ever seen. I recommend visiting.

One of the most moving things is they recognise their wrongs and their part in what happened here 65 years ago, unlike the Americans at pearl harbour, who would have you think it was an unprovoked attack.

There is a real sense of not wanting the same thing to happen again. For someone with the knowledge and ability to make such a bomb, it's a truly moving experience and shows me why i should never make such a bomb.

I seriously believe that all nuclear physicists should come here as part of their training.

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