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  1. Japan part 5

    So currently sitting in our Hiroshima hotel. Spent the last night at a ryokan in Miajima, saw the floating torii and many other things.

    I somehow managed to take 400 photos in 24 hours!!!

    I'll post selected photos of the trip at the end in a final images post, or maybe create a facebook album that everyone can see for selected things.

    The Hiroshima memorial museum is one of the most grotesque yet moving things I have ever seen. I recommend ...
  2. Part 4 of japan

    Went up to tokyo today, time well spent, saw a Harajuku Doll (this is a type of person).

    Went to o'hanami in ueno, i've never seen so many people in one place, Australia just isn't capable of that.

    The trains are more crowded than i can belive, there were more people on a single sunday train, that comes every 5 minutes, than there would be on about 15 half hourly trains back home.

    I picked up a cheap pair of headphones ($70) in the most amazing ...
  3. Japan Trip: part 3

    Today was a bit of a change, we started out by going to the gym, owned by the guy I had dinner with last night, I used one of his new fitness testing bikes and discovered that i still put out 1 horsepower, the same as i did 2 years ago, despite not training in 12 months.

    I do however drop off much faster.

    Then we went and used a public path which was part of the gym complex, so we sat there talking about aeroplanes with the owner and a J-league footballer. ...
  4. Japan trip 2

    Sitting in the hotel before breakfast, we had Italiano last night, which is a weird mix of proper Italiano and Japanese. The pizza came with Tabasco sauce for instance.

    So I just ate breakfast because i got the phonecall telling me the rest of my family were ready long before I finished this.

    The egg is a bit raw but otherwise is good.

    I didn't mention in last nights post what we actually did yesterday because i didn't have the time. ...
  5. Japan Trip: Part 1

    So I'm in Japan at the moment. been interesting so far.

    We turned up at the gate to board our flight over here and got told, "We have moved everyone off the upper deck of business class."

    I instantly thought, damn, this will be more noisy now, but then they went on to say, "So you'll have to sit in first class instead."

    So basically, we got first class tickets for a business class taxes, and the fares were paid by points.