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So megaevolutions

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by , 9th August 2013 at 02:59 PM (204 Views)
If they are just normal forms that take an item slot and have some perks I have no problem with them.

If they are actually akin to an actually evolution in different that would be bullshit. Lucario Blazekein and Mewtwo do not need buffs. If you're giving everyone these things. Okay rebalancing cool I guess but now our normal versions of our favorites are less useful ALL OF THEM so I understand why people would be upset and not understanding why they would be upset seems kinda jerkish to me.

The reason why I was mad at people for hating gen 5 cause it's new is because Gen 5's greatness seems self evident to me. There is reason to be suspecting bullshit. Frankly I'm pretty sure they will just be forms but I was also pretty sure they wouldn't add a new type because that would be the least creative and most superficial way to change things but they fucking did it. Also forms are seriously getting oversaturating so one for every poke seems headache worthy.

"Appeal to tradition" is a logical fallacy but so is "Appeal to novelty". So calling anyone who not into giving FREAKIN' Lucario a "Mega" form not a true fan is kinda wrong.

And I hear "you don't know deets yet don't bitch" but I heard that when it came to Dragonite capture episode and the Antagonist was the one who was right in that story so I have trouble trusting that.

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