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Legendaries are weird

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You know how despite being legendary Manaphy can produce eggs not eggs that can one day become Manaphy but Phione which breed to form other Phione. Well is Phione legendary? It deputed but I'd argue no because (besides the base stats 480 seriously) it comes from eggs created by the player Manaphy can come from a egg but not one that comes from a day care. But what if Manaphy had it's own Manaphy a legend that can give birth to Manaphys would that make Manaphy not legendary anymore I'd argue yes. But it's a weird thought. Maybe if we knew where Legendares came from (besides other legendaries)

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  1. The Outrage's Avatar
    If all Pokemon come from Mew (or Arceus), does that make every other Pokemon legendary? Not really.

    To me, Manaphy as a "legendary" Pokemon is more similar to real-world cryptids, except it actually exists. I mean, if anything, Volcarona has more of a legend to it given that it has an entire shrine in a half-buried castle dedicated to it. The definition of "legendary" in this series is incredibly loose when you think about it.

    If anything, I'd say that Manaphy and Phione is basically a case of epigenetic effects (kind of like bees). The two have the exact same DNA, but the difference is what genes get silenced and expressed between the two, with Phione just being more common. Perhaps if the conditions are right, even Phione can give birth to Manaphy (obviously wouldn't happen in-game)


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