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intial White 2 thoughts and purchase recap.

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I liking Black 2 and White 2 so far. I don't recall being this focused on a game before. I have 5 badges and 8 hours on it already I don't know why but my pokes don't seem as more powerful as in previous games. My team got unbalanced at times and tons of times NPC's pokes other than final bosses and elite 4 are at equal level or higher. This is weird. I guess it's because I'm using genesect on my team never had a low level lengend on my team before I'm liking it. Though he seems to be climing levels faster due to the boost.

I think the reason I'm having difficulting is because I'm rushing so much. I don't want to be behind my brother(which he was at first but he stop playing for a bit) and I want to play the game again and a get another Genesect (don't know if this is possible but remember having three vintinis with the same stuff and but looking at bulba I think I'm wrong)

I want to do the magnemite loop and get the medals but I'm focused on beating the game. And I have a Lucario even though both types I already have so that may be the source of me doing worse than usual.

Spoiler about sages

I got to the mall before gamestop opened and my brother and I got to talk to three others who were waiting. Two of them knew each other but came at different times. We talked about Pokemon. I told my team and that it lacked a theme to one guy who was seeking a battle (but didn't get it cause the only one else who brought his game didn't have a team) it was uncanny. The same guy didn't know that Cheren was gym one and normal type. I told him it was because Cheren didn't care about power any more and he didn't like it and made Cheren out to be a wimp (I agree but I didn't tell him but I thought my tone gave it away.) That same guy was really looking forward to the story, The only girl there liked Cheren as a gym leader because he's cute. The long bus ride and catching a bus wasn't as pleasant. Long story short the bus driver was a dick.

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