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  1. Pokemon Controls

    They need an overhaul they have so many button they're not using.

    Here's my idea:

    Circle Pad:
    Touch screen: poketch or something
    A: talk/confirm menu option
    B:Run/say no
    X: C gear menu
    Y: List of registered key item
    L: Bag
    R: Pokemon
    Start: Menu
    Select: One registered key item
    D pad: Register non key items

    Boom more stuff no more features competing over touch screen what do you think? ...
  2. Why do so many people want a Druddigon prevo?

    Druddigon is bad enough I mean everytime I fight one it goes down in one hit.
  3. Gen X idea: the Infinity Gauntlet

    So's here my idea for a battle facility for a future gen of Pokemon. It would be a tower or a cave with mystical properties. Unlike the PWT or battle frontier there would be no default leveling instead you gain experience and it would also have wild pokemon. The levels of the trainers would start out around yours when beating the E4 but the would slowly go up as you climb up all the way to level 100. The Infinity Gauntlet would go on for ever but it will track your progress up until the trainers ...
  4. On Pokemon adventures and the anime

    Over the years I've seen a lot of talk about how it's supposedly so much better than the anime and how if everything would be so awesome if the anime was based on it. Well I've read the manga first arc and a little bit of the second I liked it okay at first but I lost interest. And I was on the Pokemon sub reddit and I read this huge flame war about the manga and Ash. And someone mentioned that the reason why people find a lot of problems is that is more acceptable to analyze the anime the manga ...
  5. What are the Lyrics to Colress' battle theme

    Can't find them. Can someone help me out
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