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  1. Fuck the new gamestop system

    Okay you don't want me loitering... I love loitering :( okay. This wouldn't piss me off if it I were aware of it earlier and bulbanews was more up to date on the ongoing events. Promo codes implied that I had to buy something but it's effectively the old system except you grab a thing and then leave instead of downloading it at the store. Okay why wasn't this cleared up to me sooner gah. And I'm kinda upset that I have no idea whether that gengar one is still going on.
  2. "Zomg gotta get all the Amiibo's I'm going to buy them all"

    Well it's going to cost you. 49 characters times 13 dallars equals 637 dallars plus tax. They better impliment them in more games then the gbagc cable or the e reader if they don't want people to be pissed. Cool looking figures though.
  3. I'm trying to remember where this duo was from

    One character was well groomed, perhaps blond, but poorly mannered. He has a lot of status from his father and he tends to let go to his head. His father employed a servant/bodyguard for him. He was taller older and more muscular. Although the second technically works for the first, he is not afraid to inform the brat when his arrogant tongue is causing trouble and he feels the need to apologized for the shorter snobs behavior. The first character tends not to get the respect he thinks he deserves ...
  4. Since "Link" is a different guy in every game...

    and they have different backgrounds ages and occasionally personalities, here are some Link ideas. I think it would be cool to have some potentially more superficial differences between Links. You can't really be mad about "changing him" cause he's always a different guy. And lot's of fans want Link to be a girl. So let's get started.

    Waifu Link: Female attractive ambiguous age either teenage or young adult. Plays exactly like most Links.

    Gerudo Dodongo Rider ...
  5. Top 30 wanted megas weight by gen part 2

    A follow up to my previous blog that nobody commented on. http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/blogs/37979/30-wanted-megas-weighted-generation-part-1-a-65083/


    Before Draft

    Gen 1: 13 megas 151 pokemon: 8.61%
    Gen 2: 5 (miscounted as 4) megas 100 pokemon*: 5%
    Gen 3: 16 megas 135 pokemon: 11.85%
    Gen 4: 4 megas 113 pokemon*: 3.54%
    Gen 5: 1 mega 156 pokemon: 0.64%
    Gen 6: 1 mega 72 pokemon: 1.39

    Draft Effective: ...
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