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  1. That's enough Nyanners for today

    I don't know why I watched her vids. Seriously, I need to cleanse my palette. Anyone know a good Shonen? The more red in the main character's outfit and the louder he is the better.
  2. Now hear me out guys episode 2

    What if they brought back Paul in Gen 7/8...for a movie. His role... a monk that worships a legendary.

    In his effort to improve himself Paul abandons the way of the warrior to find peace but he's about to find out that peace doesn't come easy. Paul becomes a religious zealot and his high priest does some evil (that involves the legendary) shit and that causes people to turn against the church and his legend of worship. Paul does not take this kindly and starts acting violent throughout ...
  3. Pokemon been around for a long time

    So I had to think of type specialist pun name for every time just to see if it could be done. Some of these were tough

    Rock Topez

    Water Mark

    Electric Colt

    Grass Scout

    Poison Jill

    Fire Scarlet

    Ground Burt (it's lazy I know)

    Flying Gale

    Bug Meg

    Normal Hank

    Ghost Seth

    Fighting Ike

    Steel Link

  4. Confession time

    I prefer Pidgey to Spearow and I hate it when people act like Spearow is inherently better in game.

    Also I got the Ache: the Ache for Bank.
  5. Assist Trophy Idea

    Ace trainer: Goes into the background throws three pokeballs at the battle field. Pokeballs count as the pokeball item used under user's control. It's seems like the only way to have a pokemon Assist trophy. I mean sure you can have a main character send out their best pokemon but that would make it seem pointless.
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