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Commercial made me mad

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"I think farmers care about the land more than anyone else"

Then why are you killing the soil? Yes not all farmers kill soil with chemicals but some do. And even the some as meaning "at least one" is WAY TOO GODDAMN MUCH. I envy you Non Americans. And yes I know that the USA is not the only country in the Americas but it is the only country in the Americas to have America in it's name and there are other United States but that's another discussion. Wish I lived in Ireland so I can get Kerrygold locally.

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  1. Life's Avatar
    I just realized it, and it's kinda funny. You're right though, whenever somebody says 'Americans' they refer to North Americans instead of South Americans. Kind of weird how I'm realizing this now. :F
  2. Codface's Avatar
    You should hate farmerd for feeding healthy animals antibiotics to create more tender meat. Its the leading cause of resistant bacteria and the most likely thing to cause a super bug that wipes out half of humanity


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