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Child or not a child?! EPISODE 2 True beginning

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by , 29th August 2012 at 10:04 PM (423 Views)
Welcome to Child or not a child where I rewatch Pokemon Best Wishes count how many times Iris uses her infamous catchphrase and determine whether that use is justified.

Pseudo examples

I will discuss two pseudo example together because they are related and whether or not I think they are justified but not count them. Iris doesn't actually use the phrase here but what I want to talk about is whether or not Iris' behavior is justified. Feel free to skip this part and go on to "The Pidove incident" but one of them shows a lot about Iris' character.

So Ash despite lecturing Dawn May about this forgot to weaken Deerling he was trying to catch. *Sigh* Iris asks "are you a child?" and explains that you have to weaken a Pokemon to catch it. Suddenly the Deerling run away and Ash is knock over by a stampede of Patrat. Ash asks what were the patrat. Iris answers with the species name and then proceeds to say "You really are a child"


Maybe and no. I'm not really mad at Iris for the catching pokemon thing. It's basic shit! On the other hand perhaps Iris should have gave Ash the benefit of doubt here I mean she knew Ash was from Kanto so with that information it made sense that Iris would assume he's experienced. Pokemon can be caught with out weakening and the Pink Summer Deerling is so nonthreatening that I can't get mad at Ash for being lazy. But Ash wasn't being lazy he was being stupid however Iris didn't know this so she kinda got lucky to an extent lowering the justification level.

As for the Patrat thing the only excuse Iris could possibly have is that there is culture difference confusing me because I have no idea why she would insult Ash for getting knocked on his ass by Pokemon (which are far more powerful then humans) Does Japan have a culture so business oriented that the value getting from point A to point B so much that they blame the person not moving for a collusion because they are interfering with the person's oh so important travel. I hope this isn't the case because that sounds like hell to me. WAIT A SECOND that can't be it because Bianca apologized to Ash and Barry was portrayed as asshat so there is nothing could justify Iris insulting someone for getting knock on their ass. Ash had no way of seeing that coming he was focused on the deerling. What a freakin clod.

The Pidove incident

This is the first time Iris actually uses the infamous quote. Ash battles and captures a Pidove. He gets excited does a twirl and then suddenly Iris appears and uses the infamous quote insulting Ash over his enthusiasm about a weak Pokemon.


Nope not yes not maybe not HELL NO just nope. It was not justified. I knew going into this I would make this ruling but there was one thing that added on to it. Ash's Unfezant put up a pretty fucking good fight. Judging by Iris's distance at that point and the forest's tree density Iris should have seen the incredibly good fight Pidove put up unless she wasn't paying attention to where she was going (which given the upper point about the Patrat would make Iris a hypocrite in her very first episode -_-). Now again Iris knew at this point Ash was from Kanto so she should have understood that Ash was excited to be in a new place. Not to mention even though Pidove is common doesn't make them worthless. Krookodile one of my personal most useful pokemon species evolves from a common poke. And even though catching it wasn't that hard Ash was making a decision to train it and decision making in this context is exciting. Also he's in a forest alone so he's allowed to be informal its a treat to get to, for lack of a better phrase "spazz out".

So lets start the count.

times phrase used: 1
times phrase justified: 0
times phrase unjustified: 1

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    While you're at it, do you want to count all the times I call my friends ''idiot''?

    I'm pretty sure that it never was justified. :p


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