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This is bullshit

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When asked if there would be a way to alter IV's Masuda said

"However, looking at Pokémon as living creatures, we think that it’s important to have differences between them. At competitions, it comes down to a variety of elements, like how you’ve raised your Pokémon, what moves it’s learned, combined and worked into your strategy. I don’t think it would be really that interesting if, like at the Olympics, it was just clones of the exact same competitor. I think all these different combinations of elements, and a little bit of luck as well, come into play in competitions and make them more interesting and exciting."

So putting up a huge a wall makes things different and therefore funner I'm sorry that's horseshit. I was honestly feeling lucky this gen. But this has really disappointed me.

Living equals genetically inferior. Just great.

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  1. Beck's Avatar
    I don't understand what you're so upset about. Why would you ever expect to be able to alter IVs after a Pokemon's inception? That's the point of IVs; they serve as a Pokemon's DNA, untouchable after birth, or first encounter, in this case. We're lucky that EVs have become much easier to monitor than in the past.
  2. Team Gaara's Avatar
    By definition, IVs should not be alterable.
  3. Reila's Avatar
    "Individual Values"
  4. Isaac Gravity's Avatar
    Did anyone ask anything about being able to see them? All we kinda need really, unless they plan on shifting up the inheritance game.
  5. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Individual Values are meant to set a Pokemon apart from others of the same species. I you could change them, I'd think that would defeat the purpose of them.
  6. Isamu Akai's Avatar
    I don't see how this is bullshit in the slightest, nor why anyone would want to alter IVs when they're obviously there for a reason. EVs make up for this.

    If you really hate it so much, then just battle Pokemon over one of those online simulation programs. At least those don't require so much luck and training effort to make a team.
  7. Codface's Avatar
    Why have IVs at all if you could change them. Seriously who would think...hmmm I think I'll have no max IVs, (for tiny exceptions like hidden power and trick room builds no one would ever say that....)

    No doubt they'll be a method to RNG or pokecreate in Gen 6. Though will be nice to hopefully see a 'clean' first Gen 6 wifi competition before everyone brings over their flawless legendary heatrans and thunderus and the rng method is solved making proper breding inferior and more time consuming.
  8. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
    1. The way the IV system works is problematic, for a variety of specific reasons.
    2. IVs should not be alterable, that's their entire point.

    Don't mix the two.

    While I do want a change in their mechanics, the point is giving each pokémon a semi-unique stat growth seed, which is a concept that should definitely be preserved because it's important with everything of the rest of the game.
    There definitely should be a difference between a carefully bred pokémon and a completely random one. And between two random ones. And even between two bred ones.

    The problem comes from their execution of such, i.e. while meant to make a pokémon an unique living being it ends up having the complete opposite effect resulting in tossing aside the game's presentation to focus on the mechanic.
    That's not how a good gameplay mechanic works. It should be complementary with presentation, not contradictory.

    They should not be removed, they should be expanded upon. There's a mechanic there, but it's blatantly lazily thought up, and the only thing it does is ultimately divide the players.

    But Game Freak is apparently oblivious to cause and effect, so this will most likely never change.

    tl;dr: They shouldn't be removed, but they don't work right either.
    Updated 25th September 2013 at 08:03 AM by Infinity Mk-II
  9. MegaCharr's Avatar
    Ummm dont you mean...take out EV's and keep IVs?

    At least this puts everyone on a even playing field and the stats cant be edited which is really good
  10. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    The "point" of IV's is to make the pokemon different if it takes time to change them until that time they are different. And different in competitive means someone has meaningless advantage and this advantage discourages players from entering and takes a lot of time a game should be RECREATION. What you guys don't be taking into account is training a pokemon by itself takes a lot of work. Getting a high level pokemon with good everything but IV's is an experience no one should have to go through. What will battle simulators do now that they have models? Battle simulators actually help my point because they offer a better experience than the official product. I don't understand how being exclusionary is making things better.
  11. The Outrage's Avatar
    So why are you complaining that they should change IV's to be manipulable rather than just maxing out the stats and adding another 122 EVs for a total of 632 EVs....same thing


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