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Shiny Shinx

Whats with people and the said "Pokemon Grey?"

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by , 21st December 2011 at 11:46 AM (346 Views)
I personally don't get why people are freting so bad about this, saying "Where is the announcements" and "Why are they going to make this?"

I mean first of all, you got to wait for it, it's only been so long sence BW came out, and Game Freak has the paschants to drain the last dollar from BW profits. Sorry that I said that, but it's real life. Like they say, the strong live and the weak die.

I don't know about you, but personally, I like the idea of Grey, I mean, not liking it would be like not liking any of the third versions. And me personally thinks it's great they have these, it brings a whole new story it seems like.

And as fer the people that say "Making side-games like Pokemon Ranger put them off the main seris," well, they don't, they are made by at totally different company, so, like, unless they are lie'n down on the job, it's not going to be put off.

And personally, I consider the side-games like Pokemon Ranger are part of the main seris.

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  1. Hitomi's Avatar
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    I know, I love it when people say Game Freak is wasting their time on spin-offs when "Spin-off Pokémon games are games that do not fit the model used by the main series and are not developed by Game Freak." It took me ten seconds to look that up on the 'pedia, I don't get why people don't get that. And I believe that Tecmo Koei, again not Game Freak, is responsible for the new crossover game. I'm looking forward to the third version too, but at least I realize, like you, that it takes time to produce a game, and frankly, I'd like some time to get bored of BW so I can actually get excited about a third version release.

    This is the most unpleasable fanbase I've ever been a part of. :(

    And if people don't like the side games, they're not being forced to play them. I'd like to enjoy the awesome plots of the Ranger games without people whining about how you don't catch Pokémon in them. -_-
  2. Serenity's Avatar
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    *Where are the announcements

    Pretty much what Hitomi said is the truth. People are so...how do I say it? Needy. They get mad when they aren't getting what they want, right then and there. Game Freak is not responsible for the spin-off game. It does take a lot of time to produce a game, get it translated, copies made, etc. so, when Pokemon Grey finally does get released, people will be excited about it.
  3. Oswin's Avatar
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    I'm just fed up of them over-hyping announcements :l

    "New super amazing Pokémon game that you are going to love! We'll show you it next fortnight!"

    And then PokéPark 2 was announced :C
  4. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
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    They showed us Black and White like 6 months before they came out. That was not a very long time at all, maybe they will continue that trend for the next couple games.


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