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Shiny Shinx


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by , 27th February 2013 at 03:03 AM (1260 Views)
I think I like it more then when it was revealed in the Corocoro magazine. Even though it has the same artwork, it just looks better alone. Or at least not in a very flashy magazine. :-P

Also, I'm pretty sure the colors are a big part in why it looks alot like Victini. TRUST ME, THERE IS EEVEE GENES IN IT.

Okay, speculation time. I got to get this off of my mind before it's too late.


I swear, Sylveon looks a billion times better in the game. Like how Oshawott looks better in the anime then in the official artwork. They sure messed up Oshawott's artwork though, didn't they?

Lastly, in the little video on the official Pokemon site, I think these are the moves it uses:

1st Move: Overheat or some kind of Fighting-Type Move. Overheat because of the start up, and a Fighting-Type Move because of the orange and red POW marks.

2nd Move: Trump Card. I am more sure about this then how much Purell Hand Sanitizer disinfects your hands. Tell me you don't see that.

3rd Move: To be honest with you, I'm not really sure. Maybe an Electric or Dark-Type move? Does look like a Stat Boosting or Defensive move though.

4th Move: Swift. This is just obvious, isn't it?

Tell me how I did on my speculation and other stuff. Err, I guess, just please comment.

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