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Shiny Shinx

So, I'm replaying Firered...

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by , 3rd September 2012 at 11:56 PM (259 Views)
Yeah, I been playing Pokemon Firered resently, and it's been so fun. I just beat Sabrina, and skiped Erika's Gym. Right now I have:

Dratini Lv. 27
Poliwhirl Lv. 28
Growlithe Lv. 30
Marowak Lv. 34
Venusaur Lv. 37
Pikachu Lv. 39

The battle with Sabrina was wow, horible...

1st Battle: I wanted to train my Dratini, so I sent it out first against Kadabra. I switched immidiatly to Marowak, and took about half damage from Psybeam, and I KOed or close to KOed it with Bonemerang. She sent out Mr. Mime, and KOed my Marowak with Psybeam, so I sent out Growlithe. Growlithe was instantly KOed by Psybeam. I sent out Pikachu and it's Thunderbolt didn't do crap. Psybeam didn't KO me, but it did some mean damage. I tried Quick Attack, but that didn't do much ether. Psybeam KOed Pikachu so I sent out Venusaur. I tried a Razor Leaf, but that didn't do crap either, and Psybeam did some damage to it. After a couple of useless moves, Psybeam KOed Venusaur. Psybeam KOed Dratini and Poliwhirl instantly, and I lost the match.

2nd Battle: This time I lead with Marowak, which easily defeated Kadabra with Bonemerang. She sends out Mr. Mime, which is also easily KOed by Bonemerang. I switch to Growlithe, while she sends out Venomoth. She uses Psybeam, and gets a critical hit and KOs my Growlithe. So I send out Pikachu and knock it out with Thunderbolt. Then she sends out the big guns: Alakazam. I stay in, try to use Thunderbolt, but Alakazam beats me to the punch with Psychic, which instantly KOs my Pikachu. I send out Marowak, which also gets KOed. I send out Venusaur, and it gets KOed by Psychic. Of course at this point you know that Alakazam's Psychic KOs every one of my Pokemon instantly. So I end up leaving without a badge.

3rd Battle: Again I lead with Marowak, and KO her Kadabra and Mr. Mime with Bonemerang. I switch to Growlithe to try to deal with her Venomoth, and I try an Ember attack, which does a desent amount of damage, but not enough to win the battle. In the end, my Growlithe loses to Venomoth's Psybeam attack. I send out Pikachu, and KO it with Thunderbolt. After that, I switch to Marowak to try do deal with Alakazam. However, Alakazam is faster and KOs my Marowak with one Psychic. I try to send out Pikachu to paralize it with Thunder Wave, but Alakazam destroys it with Psychic. I send out Dratini to try to do the job, and Alakazam desides to use Future Sight, so I get to use Thunder Wave to slow it down. Right when I thought I had a chance, Sabrina pulls out a Full Heal and cures Alakazam's Paralasys. You bet I was mad. But I didn't give up. I tried another Thunder Wave, but Alakazam Psychic'ed my Dratini, KOing it. I send out Poliwhirl, and use a Revive. For awhile, I use Revives on my Pokemon while Alakazam KOs them with Psychic. At one point, Alakazam desides to spam Future Sight, and I thought it ran out of PP for Psychic. I try to send out Marowak to deal massive damage with Bonemerang, but it suprises me with a Psychic. After Alakazam KOed Marowak, I sent out Pikachu to paralize it with Thunder Wave, which I succeed. However, my Pikachu gets KOed after multiple hits from Future Sight. I then send out Venusaur, and Revive my Marowak, while Psychic KOs Venusaur once more. After a couple more Revives and Psychic, Alakazam finally runs out of PP for Psychic. I then proceed to then KO it with Marowak's Bonemerang while Alakazam helplessly uses Calm Mind. After a couple of Bonemerangs, Marowak KOs Alakazam and earns me the Marsh Badge.

Anyway, now I'm going to Erika's Gym and kick her out.

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  1. PKMN Trainer Virgo's Avatar
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    Sabrina is hand hands down one tough Gym Leader; sadly I haven't played FireRed or LeafGreen, but after dealing with her SoulSilver and hearing your story...I'll pass
  2. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
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    Alakazam is boss!!

    I use the exact same team except i donot use poliwhirl in firered.


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