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Shiny Shinx

Shiny Shinx is BACK!

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I haven't really gone on the fourms to much over the last couple of months, because of the whole entire thing of X and Y speculation and stuff on here. I sorta was in the whole thread about the "Is there going to be a new Type or changes to the Type Chart", and eventually, the whole speculation was just to much for me to handle, so I basically got off Bulbagarden until Pokemon X and Y was released. I did get on every once and while though to talk to people on the fourms, but not much as I usually do.

But now Pokemon X and Y are released, and I got them both (Totally awesome games by the way.), there is no reason to speculate, so I'll be on here again! Yay!

I haven't forgoten about Totally Random Pokemon Questions! I'll continue that whole blog thing, starting probably today. If not, tomarrow. So get ready!

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