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Shiny Shinx

Sense Pokemon Dream World is closing and all...

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I hate to see Pokemon Dream World close. It was really fun. I regret not going on it more often... I know it would be, err, highly illigal, but I wonder if someone can, like, hack and get the mini-games you play on there...

But that isn't what I want to say in this blog. I got off track.

Also, I hate to tell you this again, but sense Pokemon Dream World is closing, there are six Medals that will be no longer obtainable.

Sweet Dreams Medal: Tuck in a Pokemon via Game Sync
Dozing Capture: Catch a Pokemon in Entree Forest
Sleeping Capture: Catch 10 Pokemon in Entree Forest
Deep Sleep Capture: Catch 50 Pokemon in Entree Forest
Sweet Dreamer: Catch 100 Pokemon in Entree Forest
Top Medalist: Collect All Medals

There is no way I'll be able to get all the Medals, sense I only have, like, 24 Pokemon in my Entree Forest... And I don't even know if I have that... Plus there is only 26 days (including today) until Pokemon Dream World shuts down...

I'd regret to do this, but I kinda want to use my Action Replay to get those Medals. Although, I would like to get them legitimatly, but that isn't going to happen...

So I'd figure this, I'd get all the Medals legitmatly possible, then use the Action Replay to get the few remaining Medals I cannot get.

Thing is, I don't know if I have the code pre-installed in my Action Replay, or even if White 2 and/or Black 2 is installed in there.

Although, all I would need, is the game already installed and have a few codes (sense when you buy it, it comes pre-installed with a bunch of codes for different games, but not all of them.), and I can get the code for the Medals online. I found it already.

All Medals Action Replay Code

I haven't tested it myself yet, but I found it on a couple of different websites, and when I'm going to test it, it's going to be on my Black 2, which is one of my, "Guinea pig," games. I test it on the games I don't care about first, then I might use it on the game I do care about, but cauiously.

What do you guys think? Should I do it once I get all the Medals I legitmatly possibly can (which is those six Medals above, or fewer.)? I know that cheating is looked down apawn, and it's really dangourus (trust me, I know.), but... err... yeah.

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  1. Isaac Gravity's Avatar
    Well, its your game and so long as you're aware of the risks and has no effects on others and you really want those medals that badly then you can do as wish. Or just suck it up, make the best of what's left of DW (while building up cred for the DW exclusive medals for X&Y's PGL), have your fun and let live.

    Really, it's all about what you want here not what others think of you and why you should care. Screw the team, what has the team ever done for you? Chance at losing your hard earned data however...

    Well yeah, there will be some who will miss it (DW). I won't, I despised that waste of time and its monopolization on berries, its growth and hidden abilities just to be stuck with mostly males (thank you X/Y changes). To each their own, really.

    But again, it's your call and about how much you really want it and what you're willing to do to get it.
  2. ange's Avatar
    I say if you want to do it, do it. Screw what everyone else thinks.


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