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Shiny Shinx

Pokemon X and Y Speculation

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by , 19th January 2013 at 03:16 PM (1591 Views)
I got to post this somewhere before Nintendo revels any more information. Okay, so here I go.

Mostly, I'm going to speculate on the Pokemon Base Stats and Types and stuff. For the starters, it will be pretty much for the final forms, but it will kinda also count for the other evolutionary stages too. And, for the base stats, I'm not really exact, but I'll give you sort of a idea on the base stats. Now, I never done this before, so, here I go!





Now the one that I've been dieing to post... This one will be so freakin' epic, that I think you'll need to listen to this. (Or mabey I'm just excited and hyper from listening to Mario Boss Themes.)


Story Speculation

And I'll end this blog by saying exploding donkeys.
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  1. mariowie's Avatar
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    I have a felling we can visit Unova just like you could visit kanto in G/S.
    That would make sense if you take in account that b/w was a reboot.
    And I thought there was a glimpse of professor Juniper.
  2. Please Understand's Avatar
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    No, it's painfully obvious that Fennekin's final evo will be fire-fighting! GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!

    Good post. Speculation okay.
  3. jokool's Avatar
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    Also, everyone will say Nyeh.
    I ed!


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