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Shiny Shinx

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y...

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by , 8th January 2013 at 09:14 PM (809 Views)
Well, only a couple of hours ago I heard of these new Pokemon games, and I'm having mixed feelings on them.

So far, the Pokemon look cool. the Legendary Bird Pokemon looks pretty darn creepy, the other Legendary, however, I didn't even think it was a mascot Legendary at first, so that was kinda weird. Chespin is my favorite starter so far.

Jeez, ether my computer must be old school (even though it seems high-tech, it's a HP Pavilion), or this game is really advanced, because the darn video took a long time to load...

The full on 3D grafics are amazing, but I'm not to sure about them... It's just so different and weird... It's just really hard to explain.

It seems like alot of the camera in the battle views the Pokemon from the side. Meh, maybe thats just me.

This is probably not what you guys hope, but I hope that it's like any of the other Pokemon games but just with 3D graphics. Of course, I do hope for the next story always to topple the previous one.

What would happen to Pokemon DW, Black 2, and White 2? And is there going to be any more games in between? Probably not... Well, besides for the new Mystery Dungeon game, but thats probably it...


Can you guys maybe put me at ease? This is all just too... fast.

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    It looks the same to me, but 3D. Don't worry, nothing is going to change. The girl looks a bit too frilly, though. Less sexualized, but...a dress? Really?


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