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Shiny Shinx

Pokemon Quotes I found on You-tube.

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I found some funny things that people said on You-tube, and all of them were listed as Top Comments. Tell me if you ed at any of them, and which one if you did. Here they are!
What Blue thinks:

In relation with the Battle Fronteir Brains in Emerald:

Cool facts about Deoxys:

In relation with Teams Magma and Aqua:

In relation with all the Teams:

After Beating Lance In R/G/B/Y

Battling Gary/Blue:

Riding on the Bicycle:

Mewtwo's "Fingers":

Mewtwo's Base Stat Total:

Damaging Primal Dialga:

The Final Battle Against Primal Dialga:

Naming your Rival: (Gen 1)

Another one about naming your rival: (Gen 2)

The Professors:

One about Professor Rowen:

One about defeating the Teams Grunts:

What people do at a Pokemon Center:

In relation with Arceus and the Weather Trio. (Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyoger):

In relation with the Master Ball and Arceus:

Of course I edited some of them, 'cause of cussing, but I tried to keep them origanal as possible.

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  1. Umbramatic's Avatar
    the "FREAKING WATCHOGS" made me lol hard.
  2. farewell, friend's Avatar
    I love Youtube quotes, except when they're piss-off trolly or ignorant. But generally, the commenters on Youtube are quite funny.
  3. farewell, friend's Avatar
    Let's see... I liked:

    What I do when I'm at the pokemon center.
    2%: Wait patiently
    98%: Tap the A button repeatedly and accidentally heal my pokemon for the second time.
    Team Magma: Expanding land mass to increase Zubat population.
    Team Aqua: Expanding sea levels to increase Tentacool population.


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