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Shiny Shinx

Pokemon Box and Mega-Evolutions

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by , 5th September 2013 at 06:17 PM (1025 Views)
I just read the stuff about Pokemon Box on the Pokemon site, and it looks pretty cool. I also looked at the Mega-Evolutions awhile back, and it seems like an interesting sort of concept thing whatever. Here's my thoughts about it.

For Pokemon Box

3,000 Pokemon is a lot of Pokemon. How did Bill manage to pull that off? I'll never know.

Also, being able to pick and chose massive amounts of Pokemon, and curtain types of Pokemon might be helpful.

Trading a lot of Pokemon at once between games is really awesome, 'cause I like to usually have all my Pokemon on one game.

I wonder if this will be the only was to migrate Pokemon. It would suck if it was due to the fee.

I also wonder how much it would cost. I have a feeling that people are going to complain majorly about it. And I'm not just talking about "Ugh, there is a fee to use this." I mean that people are going to COMPLAIN.


These Mega-Evolutions look really darn cool. Although Amproaros is a bit of a copy paste with the wool. I mean, it looks like regular old Amproaros, but with wool attached, it's not going to stop me from liking it though.

Why are people hating on Blaziken? It make me sad. Whats so bad about Mega-Blaziken, or just Blaziken? Someone tell me about this.

Even though I'm not a competive battler (yet) I feel that this will affect the meta-game very much. I'm not sure that Smogon likes this either.

I have a feeling, that these Nite items that transform into Mega-Evolution are one use only. And I don't think you'll get that many either.


Thats the end of my thoughts. For now at least.

Please comment. I want to hear your thoughts. To be honest, I wrote this because I wanted to see what you would say or comment about this. So please comment.

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