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Shiny Shinx

It WAS my Birthday.

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by , 13th February 2013 at 01:07 PM (342 Views)
It was my birthday, two days ago, on February 11. Apparently, I was sick ON my birthday, so that infinitly sucked.

It wasn't until late at night when I actually felt better, and by the time a felt totally ok, it was one in the morning, so it was no longer my birthday. Woke up the next day feeling like crap again, and I think it was around four that I felt better.

So, I guess we are having my birthday TODAY. My mom hasn't woken up yet, so yeah. We're probably going to open just presents and read the card she wrote for me. We're probably going to get a cake tomarow, so yeah. I have to do a EKG or something like that today. It's where they that put some wires on your head, and give you this cassette looking thing that records if your brain is acting ok omg alien technology.

Pfft, waking up today wasn't so great either. I got up, and played my game for about 30 minutes, and the screen freakin' faded to black. Happened yesterday when I was playing Metroid Prime Hunters, when me and this CPU shot a giant electric blast that disrupts your visor and a missile at the same time, and I guess it made my screen overload or something. I called Nintendo to see if they could help me, but it was the same information as I got on the Internet. It doesn't seem so bad as yesterday though, because the fading effect didn't last as long today. I still turned off my 3DS though. I hope I don't have to send it in for a repair, but I might just have to do that.

I'm never using Kanden and his Volt Driver again. Never ever EVER!!!

Oh, and a couple of days before my birthday, my 3DS had some major error overload, where it kept telling me to turn the power off and back on. Thats just great, isn't it!?

Speaking of major errors, I somehow got alot of them going on.

Three of my game systems are sorta dysfunctional or whatever:

My Dsi's L button barely works now.

My Wii refuses to read a disc.

And now my 3DS as having all these problems.

Not only that, my my body is having all these errors too. Like getting up feeling so nauseous I can't out of bed or eat or drink anything, and gaging every freakin' 30 seconds.

What unbelivableness.

I was dreaming last night, that I was in this really big school, and I had to walk on this poorly lit set of stairs that had spider webs on them. At the end of my dream, I was walking down the stairs, and this scorpion droped onto my chest. I quickly swiped it off, and it landed a couple feet away from me, like a little ways at the bottom of the stairs. I noticed it looked really big, and when it started crawling toward me, I literally said "Holy motherFer". (You know what I mean. Bad words are bad.) Good thing I woke up before it got me, huh?

Well, I did get one thing on my birthday.

Well, I guess thats the end of that. For now at least.

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  1. Abba's Avatar
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    [QUOTE]Anyway, as you probably saw in the fourms, Corocoro has leaked [s]get the toilet paper![/s] a new Eeveelution! Here is the picture that was ALSO in the fourms. Or at least, gave a link to it.[/QUOTE]

    I [I]still[/I] don't like it.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
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    Happy (late) birthday! Sorry to hear about your crappy day, though
  3. Berrenta's Avatar
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    Ouch. That has to suck, being sick on your birthday.

    My birthday (which is next week) is also the day I take my calculus midterm exam, so I'm a bit annoyed about that. Oh well... T_T


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