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  1. My Blog is Jacked Up.

    Wow. I made a new blog, and it doesn't show up in the Blogs section, nor the Resent Blogs box in the fourms, plus appearing in the middle of all of my total blogs, appearing in page 3. Anyway, here is my blog that got "lost." Feal free to do what you normally do.

    Pokemon Quotes I found on You-Tube.
  2. Whats with people and the said "Pokemon Grey?"

    I personally don't get why people are freting so bad about this, saying "Where is the announcements" and "Why are they going to make this?"

    I mean first of all, you got to wait for it, it's only been so long sence BW came out, and Game Freak has the paschants to drain the last dollar from BW profits. Sorry that I said that, but it's real life. Like they say, the strong live and the weak die.

    I don't know about you, but personally, I like the idea ...
  3. Shinx Quest.

    I just made up a quest about a clan of Shinx. Like the Quests you do in Pokemon Ranger. It's madatory in the story. Note that I'm bad with dielog making.

    *At Veintown Ranger Base*
    Professor Hastings:...So there are multiple types of Gigaremo and ways to destroy them, right?
    You: Yup, exactly!
    ???: Shinx!
    Shinx shinx shinx!
    *?marks appear over peoples heads*
    ???: Shinx shinx shinx shinx!!!
    Luana: Sounds like it came from outside! ...
  4. Nicknaming, Natures, and a little something else.

    I need a little help with nicknaming and figuring out a nature a few Pokemon. Here are these Pokemon:


    The only one I can think of, is fer Salamence, is the nickname Sally wit a Bashful nature. Anyway, she likes to gossip, and a bit of a show off, a bit like a mixture between Dawn's (?) Piplup and Buizel. ...
  5. The Library.

    It was fun. I got to play Minecraft and got some Pokemon stuff and all that. I died on Minecraft like five times, but it was still fun. I also got Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, disc two and five. The other one I got was Pokemon Advanced Battle: The Scuffle of Legends. I was watching my disc this morning, Pokemon Advanced Battle: Gaining Groundon. I also was going to do a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl marathon. But this happened.

    I tried to open one, and I looked, and it had this picture ...
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