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  1. Azure Flute

    Wow. I can't belive this worked...

    Well, I was looking up on Bulbapedia Sinjoh Ruins, and I says that you can go back there if you have a Hall of Orgin Arceus. I looked this up before, and I knew I pretty much couldn't do it, because Bulbapedia says that the Azure Flute hasn't been released anywhere, so I just looked up some other stuff on Bulbapedia.

    But today, when I looked it up, I was like: "You know what, I'm going to TRY."

    Well, you might ...
  2. PKMN Dream Radar

    Well, I got Pokemon Dream Radar about... Like few days or a week or something ago, and I already got Therian Form Torndus, Thunderus, and Landerus.

    Even though I (technically) already beat it, it's still really fun. I can get alot of cool DW Pokemon, plus alot of totally awesome items, like PP Ups. By the time finished the game, I upgraded my Visoscope Level to the max, so I could get as many Dream Clouds as I can. I also upgraded my Beam and Energy to help me catch Landerus. ...
  3. This stupid computer is bugging me.

    Well, it's not MY computer, but the computer that I'm siting next to.

    So, I'm here typing and all that, and this thing just randomly beeps and just doesn't freakin' stop! I looked on there to see what was causing it, but there is aboslutly NOTHING thats problematic. No errors, no messages, NOTHING. It just keeps going



    Not only that ...
  4. Spambots?

    I just saw two threads that just got created in the BW2 section, and the standered video game section of Bulbagarden fourms. They both look like some complecated money thing, plus it definitally looks like it's advertizing.

    So, are spambots taking over Bulbagarden?
  5. I need suggestions for names.

    I'm thinking up some Gym Leaders, but I'm having trouble figuring out what to name them. I've only figured out 2 names out of the 16 Gym Leaders.

    They all pretisipate battle you in a Multi Battle. Here is the types of what each Gym Leader uses.

    1st Gym Match: Rock - Ground
    2nd Gym Match: Steel - Poison
    3rd Gym Match: Ghost - Dark
    4th Gym Match: Electric - Psychic
    5th Gym Match: Grass - Bug
    6th Gym Match: Fire - Fighting
    7th ...
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