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Shiny Shinx

I need suggestions for names.

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I'm thinking up some Gym Leaders, but I'm having trouble figuring out what to name them. I've only figured out 2 names out of the 16 Gym Leaders.

They all pretisipate battle you in a Multi Battle. Here is the types of what each Gym Leader uses.

1st Gym Match: Rock - Ground
2nd Gym Match: Steel - Poison
3rd Gym Match: Ghost - Dark
4th Gym Match: Electric - Psychic
5th Gym Match: Grass - Bug
6th Gym Match: Fire - Fighting
7th Gym Match: Water - Ice
8th Gym Match: Normal - Dragon

Steel: Silvia
Ghost: Gheven
Psychic: Krystal

Here is the personallity of some of the Gym Leaders:

Rock: He's a very hearty and happy Hiker. He's a very good negotiator, and negotiated to have his Gym on a small mountain. He's very smart, and knows alot about geography. He's a teacher to the Ground-Type Gym Leader. He see's great potential in him.
Ground: He's very nice, but also very unsure of himself. He's pretty pessimistic, but has alot of fun. He wanted to see the world, so he sought out the Rock-Type Gym Leader to travel with. He's based off of a male Backpacker.
Silvia, the Steel-Type Gym Leader: She's the CEO of her own company. Her own company, is a small factory. Has a very short fuse and has a bad temper. She only chose to be a Gym Leader because of the benefits, but now she finds it to be a huge burden. She only likes herself and her Pokemon.
Poison: He works under Silvia as worker to remove toxic waste, thats even bad to Poison-Type Pokemon. He's the head of all of the toxic waste workers in the factory. He's also very calm. For some odd reason, he likes his hazmat suit. He's very close with his Trubbish.
Gheven, the Ghost-Type Gym Leader: I don't really figured out his personality, but he's very quiet. He works as a grave digger at a graveyard.
Krystal, the Psychic-Type Gym Leader: She's very quiet, calm, and also very secretive. She's a very famous fortune teller and psychic. She loves Pokemon, but she is extremely close with her Alakazam.
Grass: She's very quiet and shy. She loves to water plants with her Pokemon. Her favorite Pokemon is Torterra. She also has alot of Berries.
Bug: She's very bold and has a loud personality. She likes to show of her powerful Pokemon. She's nice, and rarely gets angry, but when she gets angry, she gets ANGRY. Her favorite Pokemon is Vespiquen
Fire: I haven't figured out much of his personality yet. He's very proud, and has a strong spirit. Has hair like Benji.
Ice: I haven't figured out much of his personality yet. He has a very strong spirit and is an Eskimo.
Normal: He's a business man. Other then that, he's just your average person.
Dragon: He has a very strong spirit and likes to talk. He has a special bond with Pokemon that other people can't seem to describe. He's a big fan of the Legend of Zelda series.

Now that you can get sort of a picture of these Gym Leaders, you can help me give these Gym Leaders nice names. Remember though, they have to be based off of their respective type.

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  1. RaccoonGoon's Avatar
    Name the Rock dude Rock.

    Name the Electric dude Blues.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    The Grass lady should be Grace or Carmen, the Dragon guy Draco (I know, predictable), and the Normal guy Lan (from Bland.)

    Edit: If the Water Gym Leader is a girl, how about Flo(w)? And if the Electric person is a girl, Elektra?
  3. Zeb's Avatar
    Poison: Michael/Mica/Micah (from chemical)
    Rock: Monty (from mountain)
    Dark: Sly (being sly)
    Water: Ripley (from ripples)
    Ground: Doug (from dug)
    Ice: Hale (from hail)
    Fire: Cole (from coal)
    Fighting: Russell (sounds a bit like wrestle, sort of from tussle)
  4. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    Name the Normal guy John


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