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Shiny Shinx

I have been demoted.

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No, not from a job. Besides, I'm to young to work anyway.

But as a Pokemon Trainer.

I thought I was the best when I was playing Emerald... To Platnium...

I had this team on Platnium, which I eventually move to Soulsilver, then to White.

I thought I was the best. Beat whoever I meet, trained, battled, did contests... I thought I was an Ace Trainer.

Then I found Competive Pokemon.

I tried to challenge those competive Pokemon Trainers.

I got humulated, defeated, destroyed, and lost by almost everway possible.

So I got demoted to a Pokemon Breeder.

Now I'm working on a Competive LC Team to work my way back up to Ace Trainer status. I will rise once again, one day!

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    I'm sure you'll be great again. Well, I think you're always great, Ace Trainer or not.
  2. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    Were you using your Sandstorm team?
  3. Baron Dante's Avatar
    Yeah, tell me about. Overcoming the hax of Battle Frontier, I was at the top of the world. Lolnope.

    So, what to do? Deal with it. If they are better, learn. After you learn, decimate them. Take back your place on the top of your imaginary world. That's what I'll be doing.
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    Or just get a Prankster Liepard and hope you get lucky with Attract and Swagger :V
  5. OceanicWildfire's Avatar
    What's wrong with pokemon breeders?


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