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Shiny Shinx

I got a Zoura in Pokemon Conquest!

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I had Kotaro link with a Zoura in Pokemon Conquest! Amazing huh? I heard that it's suppose to be like the Shiny Pokemon of this game, although definitally more common then Shiny Pokemon themselves, right?

Well, basically, I was in Avia, trying to find perfect links for the random Warlords out there. You know, the ones that just have identical looks. Not the ones who have profiles like Ohchi and Nobunga. Anyway, none of the Pokemon there were perfect links with the people that were in Avia, so I was just battling them with a team of Yoshimoto and Forretress, Kotaro and Zweilous, Kagetsuna (random Warlord) and Staraptor, Shigezane (random Warlord) and Staraptor, Genba (random Warlord) and Krookodile, and Yoshiteru (random Warlord... and lol... look at name a bit closer) and Larvitar. If I remember correctally, the opponents were a Rufflet, two Staravia (one of which was Zoura), a Drifloon (I believe another random Warlord had), and something else. Anyway, the Rufflet and Zoura disguised Staravia was left, and I think I had the Zweilous (or a Staraptor lol) attack the Rufflet, and the Larvitar attack the Zoura. Good thing the Larvitar only had a link of 32%, or it probably would have OHKOed Zoura. During the next turn I only had Kotaro move his Zweilous to link with Zoura and nothing else. After I linked with Zoura, I defeated the Rufflet and got out of there. I forgot the presents though lol.

Here's some pictures if you don't believe me.

Please comment. I really think that this is pretty amazing.

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  1. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Congrats on your rare find! :D I have yet to find one on my game.
  2. Kyriaki's Avatar
    That's pretty awesome!! Zorua's really rare... you were lucky!
  3. Tyrfing's Avatar
    That's great! For Kotaro, I sort of cheated and just used the Zoroark code....


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