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Shiny Shinx

Bulbagarden's Speculation Abilities.

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Being here at Bulbagarden Fourms, and seeing you guys speculate, it's just darn right amazing. Let me tell you just how amazing it is...

When you guys speculate about stuff, you guys make it sound like it's a FACT. I mean, when you guys speculate, you have facts to back up your speculation, then you have facts backing up those facts, then you have facts backing up the facts that are backing up your speculation.
If you sorta split your speculation into two parts, like a fork in the road, it ends up looking like one big tournament tree of facts. A tournament tree of like, 1,000 people. A tournament tree bigger then the state, national, and international tournament trees (if they have one) COMBINED.

It really messes with my head.

You guys also probably know more about Pokemon then Nintendo, Game Freak, or any other company that is affiliated with Pokemon. I mean, if the people at Nintendo or Game Freak knew that you guys knew this much about Pokemon, then they will probably hand that part of the company to you guys. I mean, just look at Bulbapedia and the people here! You guys are like the people who are one step away from figuring out the meaning of life or whatever.

Watch, there will be some new type they will realease. There just has to be. Not that I want one, but it still has a 99.99999999999999999% chance of happening...

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