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Shiny Shinx

Azure Flute

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by , 1st December 2012 at 09:30 AM (276 Views)
Wow. I can't belive this worked...

Well, I was looking up on Bulbapedia Sinjoh Ruins, and I says that you can go back there if you have a Hall of Orgin Arceus. I looked this up before, and I knew I pretty much couldn't do it, because Bulbapedia says that the Azure Flute hasn't been released anywhere, so I just looked up some other stuff on Bulbapedia.

But today, when I looked it up, I was like: "You know what, I'm going to TRY."

Well, you might wonder if it wasn't released anywhere, what chance do I have, right?

Well, I have an Action Replay.

Anyway, I looked up "How to get to the Hall of Orgin using an Action Replay," and I clicked on some Youtube videos, and they were pretty much useless, so I clicked back to go back to my Google search, and then I scrolled down, and found this one thing that said "Action Replay Code Request Thread [3]." I clicked on it, and it went to this fourm, and I guess alot of people were making threads on the fourm about if they have this code, so one of the mods steped in and made a thread so people can go in and ask if they have this code. The mod said before posting in the thread though, go check this first. Well, I clicked on it, and at first, only like, 4 codes showed up, so I put in for North American games, and then like, a billion codes showed up. I scrolled through the codes, found some for the Azure Flute, one for the Member's Card, and 2 for Oak's Letter. I copied and pasted some of them down in a text document, then got my AR and inputed the last one I put down, because whoever rated the code, gave it a 5/5.

I inputed it in, turned my game on, and see if the green dilievery guy was in the Pokemart. At first he wasn't there, so I looked back at the cheat code, saw that you needed to press L and R at the same time. So I exited the Pokemart, pressed L and R, went back in and...

He was there! The cheat code worked!

Well, I'm off to Spear Piller to play my shiny new Azure Flute. Wish me luck!

Oh, and by the way, here's the code if any of you want to get a Azure Flute.

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    Their is a code for HeartGold I've used that allows you to redo the event without capturing an Arceus. I would re-test it to make sure it works but I no longer have an Arceus on my gen 4 games to test it out so it's either L+R or Start+Select and go to the research. facility like you did the first time


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