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  1. An Open Letter to a "Friend"

    (First off, this is a rant. The language may get a little salty here and there.)

    Dear A____,

    As you've seen, I haven't posted to my Blogspot blog in over a year. This wasn't exactly by choice: I was doing this to avoid you. I have my reasons, which will become clear in a moment. However, as of right now I want to address the texts you sent me this past Saturday, namely the ones dealing with my ex.

    Do me a favor. Stop. Right now.

    Look, I ...
  2. excited for THPS 5

    by , 10th June 2015 at 06:00 PM (the diary of your average nintendo-sony fanboy)
    I know it's kind of weird for me, but last night I was thinking about how much I LOVED the tony hawk series of extreme sports games. I loved all of them until RIDE and SHRED came out and ruined it, but my hope was renewed with HD and it's DLC expansion. and to see the series going back to it's roots is most delightful to say the least. I even have all the spin-offs (disney extreme sport adventure, matt hoffman 1/2, the snowboarding/surfing spin-offs from 2001, and the re-releases of 1/2 and undergound ...
  3. School Work

    I just noticed all but one of my blogs are about school. I guess that's the only interesting thing in my life. lol

    Anyways, in my school, there's a thing called TCC (Trabalho de conclusão de curso), which would translate to something like "School conclusion work". It might sound a little strange, but that was the best translation I could do. I'm not sure if this exists in any schools in the US or any country you guys live on, but basically it works like this: you form a ...

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    School Stuff
  4. Well, a day late, buuuuuut

    Check out the Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest race I commentated. It was pretty awesome, a nice close race that shows off basically all facets of the game.