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Parents again...

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anyone find it a LITTLE bit stupid that my
parents wont let me get netflix on my wii because they cant control
whether or not I watch R movies? Yes dad. I'm going to watch pornos on
an account that is owned by my girlfriend. Little boy's growin up,
get freaking used to it. In a month or two, I'm legally allowed to
watch them anyways, so its not like I have long to wait. Cant wait to get away from the dictators.

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  1. TM2-Megatron's Avatar
    Pornos usually aren't rated R. I think that's what NC-17 is for. Most studios try to avoid the R rating at all cost, anyway. Teens make up too much of their market, and an R rating on a movie that most teens will want to see just stops companies from making money.

    Of course, avoiding an R rating like that is what helps ruin movies like the first Alien Vs. Predator.
  2. Redclaws's Avatar
    not really the point of the entry, but... thanks? :P

    This is ridiculous, ...theres no excuse for their actions. I'm going to college in a year, and they have parental controls on
    1. my wii (which I bought completely with my money. Every cent. PLUS I just paid 85 dollars to repair it. they have no right to go on it, add parental controls, and delete people out of my address book that they dont like, without telling me)
    2. my profile on our computer
    3. the internet on the computer (which I cant use unless they log me in)
    4. they can turn off the internet so I cant play games on wifi so I dont talk to "all these people I dont know"

    Really, they just need to give me space, I dont give two ***** about what they think is right. Its time for me to start taking my life into my own hands. I need to start making my own decisions, otherwise when i get to college, I'll be effed


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