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  1. First

    Hello World! I am making a game in flash called "Sliks". It is kind of like pokemon, where you go around and catch a bunch of different animal like creatures. If anyone has any ideas and/or digitally made pictures of characters they'd like me to include in the game, please post them here! (Color pictures only please)

    What I really need though is the ideas. I just want to know what animals I should base things off of. Please note that once you give your character to me I ...
  2. Shiny Vibrava

    So, I go on to the GTS and find that my trade for a Vibrava has been completed. I had sent off a lvl 1 murkrow a couple days earlier, and when I returned what do I find? A shiny lvl 35 vibrava... Why would someone give away a shiny for a lvl 1 murkrow. It was caught in a master ball, so I'm guessing it was either hacked, or caught in the rush. Either way, its mine now, but it has a REALLY long Japanese name... gotta take the good with the bad I guess...

    Updated 6th May 2010 at 08:59 PM by Redclaws

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  3. Shiny Suicune

    So, as you may have guessed by my signature and my profile pic, I am hard-resetting for a shiny suicune. (I am hard resetting because the L AND R buttons on my DS dont work, so much for MPH :P)

    anywho, this is my first blog entry and I just wanted to say hi! I want to hear some of your soft-resetting stories on why it's worth it. Post 'em here!
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