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Bishie Journal

Wow, what!?

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So this new Forum Feed thing shows posts in private groups!?

...what the heck. ._.

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  1. System Error's Avatar
    what, you're not talking about private parts in the private groups at least, are you?
  2. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
    Well, it showed a post that I made in a group that you have to join to read the contents of.
  3. Iteru's Avatar
    That's because you belong to the group. Your feed is different from everyone elses'.
  4. System Error's Avatar
    Well, look at it this way. As long as it's not like, showing mod-dy stuff and whatnot, I suppose it can't be helped knowing vB. So just keep on humming along, and take advantage of it where you can. Like me. And Yoshi-San. Who ignored me for some reason and that stops me from seeing his blog, even though it's easy to see it just by logging out.

    Power awaits, Hypersonic!! Allow it to corrupt you!!!
  5. Archaic's Avatar
    @Hypersonic @System Error
    It should not show content in a private group to someone who does not actually belong to that group. So if a friend of yours who's not part of it sees it, let us know. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure you're just seeing stuff you already have access to.
  6. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
    Ohh! Oh thank goodness, I was pretty worried. xD


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