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Oh my. XD

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Seems we have a bandwagon on our hands yet again. I like the idea of this one, so I guess I'll be taking part. :3

RATE ME: (1) Crazy (2)GF/BF Type (3)Talkative (4)Sarcastic (5)Loveable (6)Sexy (7)Strong (8)Dumb (9)Spoiled (10)Weird (11)Wild (12) Goofy (13)Funny (14)Awesome (15)Amazing (16)Beautiful (17)Cute (18)Rude (19)Simple (20)Handsome (21)The Best (22)Freak (23)Quiet

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  1. Winter Rain's Avatar
    1 and 10 in the nicest way possible. :P

    Hm... 13 too.
  2. ScarletSky's Avatar
    3, 5, 14, 21.
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
  4. Buzz's Avatar
    I'm going with 14!
  5. Phoenix502's Avatar
    isn't it a little late for valentines day categorizing...?

    seriously, what is this?
  6. Karisse's Avatar
    @Phoenix502 *shrug* I just saw other people doing it in their blogs and thought it looked like fun.


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