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May Europe stand together!

  1. Black version?

    I got a Black version yesterday. I already have one Gym Badge, but I haven't left Striaton yet. Is it still too late to do one of those blog story things, like Buzz and Octy are doing? I mean, I never see anyone start one after they've already got the first badge...
  2. One year!

    That's right, it's been one year since I joined these forums. And you know what? I'm glad I joined. I've made so many friends here, and I'm not getting bored of this place any time soon. Thanks to everyone who helped make this enjoyable for me! ^_^
  3. 10 Days Thingy - Day #10

    One confession. What will it be? Something trivial? Something serious? Or something downright disturbing? Well, here goes.....

    My confession is that I couldn't come up with a confession. .___. I thought, and thought, and thought some more, but came up with nothing. Sorry everyone. :(

    But, I enjoyed this! I hope someone ...
  4. 10 Days Thingy - Day #9

    Two smilies that describe my life right now.

    1. :/
    2. ._.

    ...well that was boring!
  5. 10 Days Thingy - Day #8

    Three turn-ons (and in my case, not including the obvious stuff). As for why this post is a bit late, I had a LOT of trouble with this. Also, I can't really explain any of these, so yeah. Anyway...

    1. Pale skin
    2. Unnaturally-colored hair (i.e. blue, orange, purple)
    3. Can speak French and/or Japanese

    Yup. I'm a weirdo, huh?
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