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  1. ..... ;~;

    I....I'm just about to submit my last assignment for Graphic Design. After this, I'll be able to graduate.

    .....*tries not to cry*
  2. Update on Last Day

    *sighs, sits down and takes off aviator glasses*

    Well, I've been doing one form of work or another for a couple hours now, and I'm making some good progress (and now I'm resting for a little bit). Here's what I have left to complete:

    - Three Life Skills essays (not as bad as it sounds, really)
    - Five Graphic Design projects (shouldn't be terribly bad)
    - English final project (due next Friday)

    At this point, I'm pretty confident I can finish ...
  3. Last Day!

    Today is my last day of school! And...I still have a decent portion of work left. >.< It's not the amount of lessons left to complete that's slowing me down, it's the assignments that go with them. >_>

    Fortunately for me, though, half of the work is gonna be done on the computer I use to access the forums (since I have GIMP on this, which is great for Graphic Design projects). So don't worry, I won't be abandoning you guys for the whole day. <3

    I'll still ...
  4. ._.

    So today was the last day of English class (and my last day in any high school English class, ever). And at the end of class, something happened that I never thought would happen.

    When saying goodbye to my teacher, I told her that I was glad to have her for my English teacher...but that's not what I didn't expect.

    What I didn't expect was to start crying mid-sentence. I didn't cry long, and I didn't exactly sob, but I still cried.

    ...for those of you ...
  5. I thought I'd be different.

    I thought I would keep my avatar, and not change it to something from the new trailer.

    ...and then I saw the new trailer.
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