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So today was the last day of English class (and my last day in any high school English class, ever). And at the end of class, something happened that I never thought would happen.

When saying goodbye to my teacher, I told her that I was glad to have her for my English teacher...but that's not what I didn't expect.

What I didn't expect was to start crying mid-sentence. I didn't cry long, and I didn't exactly sob, but I still cried.

...for those of you who have also graduated, has this ever happened to any of you?

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  1. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    This never happened to me, because I was glad I got out of high school due to my experience on dealing with bullies.
  2. CommanderPigg's Avatar
    Yes, it did indeed. Even if you don't really think you'll miss them, the thought of losing that familiarity is a bit daunting, I guess. I was a wreck during my last days, haha.
  3. Ebail's Avatar
    I didn't cry, because by my senior year I just didn't care anymore. I knew I'd be keeping in touch with any friends, and, well, I sorta, kinda, maybe slept in a lot of my classes senior year, short of Meteorology and English (and I hated the English teacher I had) so my teachers never mattered a ton to me. I can understand why you cried there, and there's nothing wrong with that.
  4. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    No it didnt happen to me, although I miss some of my teachers, I was glad to be out of that school.
  5. Pariah's Avatar
    of course! I still visit my high school so it's that big of a deal. but yea, I did cry :P
  6. GatoRage's Avatar
    Well, I do remember at the graduation, before I left I did go up to my history teacher (who was also my favorite teacher) to say goodbye and thank him for the years and it felt really strange. I didn't get teary but it was very strange and I thought about it for a while after that and it took some time to realize that from then on everything was gonna be different. During the last year, my teachers seemed more like friends (kind of) rather than teachers and I have mostly just great memories thinking about my time back then and me and my friend often reminisce about the great time we had.

    So yeah, although I didn't cry I think I understand how you felt.
  7. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Personally I was more happy with the good times I had, rather than sad to be leaving them behind.
  8. Tsutarja's Avatar
    I completely understand how you feel, Hyper.
  9. Nuvakat's Avatar
    As a homeschooler, I've never had to truly say goodbye to my main teacher, otherwise known as Mom. Unfortunately, that's because I've never left the house yet! (I'm the one that lives in her parents' basement and writes fanfiction, but at least I have an excuse and an income: I'm on disability SSI because of my autism. Still hoping to someday get out there in the real world and be the very best I can be, but some times, I think I have as much chance of that as Ash has of winning the Unova Championship... but that's a cheap shot at the anime, isn't it? I kid, I kid.)
  10. Koukoubean's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure I will relate to it in seven months. ;_;


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