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  1. Cool Steven Stone TCG Protector Sleeves - and Wally!

    Information about the Pokemon Store this weekend showed TCG protector sleeves.

    I'm not interested in TCG and I don't own any TCG cards (except for that one Diancie card I got from a movie event)

    But the designs are so beautiful!

    I just love their facial ...
  2. Bartending School: Day 1

    So, today was really fun. I truly loved it. This was my first time being behind the bar and I was a little nervous at first, but the other students and the instructor helped me feel at ease.

    I learned 14 cocktails on my first day,

    - Screwdriver
    - Cape Cod
    - Greyhound
    - Madras
    - Seabreeze
    - Baybreeze
    - Salty Dog
    - Presbyterian
    - Fuzzy Navel
    - Hairy Navel
    - Long Island Iced Tea
    - Long Beach ...