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Is it worth it?

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by , 25th September 2011 at 06:02 PM (294 Views)
i've been contemplating this question for a while: is it worth selling me and my brother's Wii and each of our DSes for a 3DS each? the only thing we use the Wii for is pretty much just Netflix, and both of our DSes are busted up pretty bad. I'm asking all of you 3DS owners out there: is it worth it?

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  1. Kyumorph's Avatar
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    The 3DS has Netflix. Yes.
  2. Nour386's Avatar
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    but they will soon be giving out a new 3ds with two thumb sticks, less emphasis on three d and other stuff, so in other words BEATS ME!
  3. TheCapsFan's Avatar
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    Yes, although you're missing out on quite a lot if you only use the Wii for Netflix. I've had mine for, oh lets say 2 years now and I'm still discovering things on it. If the DSes are DSis, HOLD ON TO THE WII. However if the DSes are originals or DSLites, sell the Wii as well. Save up to 100$ though, your gonna get pretty bored fast with the 3DS if you don't have a game for it.


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