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SoulSilver, Heart is going on strong._1_Nuzlocke Challenge

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All my blogs for this will be by the name.

Heart decided she would come down and play with her friend, Ethan. When she came downstairs, her mother told her that Ethan was just here, and was playing hide and seek with his Marill. She also tells me that our aquintance, Prof. Elm wanted to see me. I(Heart) goes outside, and Ethan's Marill runs into me, and Ethan comes out of Prof. Elm's living quarters. After that I go into Prof. Elm's lab, and he start's talking to me about how walking with your pokemon can help raise thier friendship with you and other such blibber-blabber. He then gets an E-mail from his friend Mr. Pokemon, and then asks me to take one of the pokemon and go retreive the item from Mr. Pokemon. I chose the cyndaquil and named it "Cynder" and it follows it name quite well if you ask me.

Am at:
I am about to fight the elite four.

Cynder(typhloshion) LVL. 40
Lugia LVL 45
Weedle LVL. 4
Furret LVL. 40
HootHoot LVL. 6
Gastly LVL 5
Rocky(Onix) LVL. 3 (From Trade in Violet City)
Mousie(Raticate) LVL. 34 (recaught, fell sleep 1 night, and it was deleted)
Zubat LVL. 5 (same as the Rattatta)
Slowpoke LVL. 8
Weedie (oddish) LVL. 5
Muscle (traded my drozee for the Machop on the 5th flloor of the depo store in goldenrod city) LVL. 10
Egg (a Togepi) LVL. 9
Groundude (Geodude) LVL. 2
Needo(Nidoran Female) LVL. 12
Birdie(Pidgey) LVL. 14
Woods(Sudowoodo) LVL. 20
Snake(Ekans) LVL. 4
Tentacles(tantacruel) LVL. 20
Shuckie(shuckle) from cainwood, free pokemon. LVL. 27
Sandie(Dunsparce) LVL. 4
Krusty(Krabby) LVL. 20
KittyKitty(Meowth) LVL. 16
Moo(Miltank) LVL. 13

Pokemon That Died:

Carol The Corsola

Gym Badges:
Zephyr Badge
Hive Badge
Plain Badge
Fog Badge
Storm Badge
Mineral Badge
Glacier Badge
Rising Badge

Item's Held:
1 Sitrus Berry(1 planted)
5 Kasib Berries
4 Chople Berries(3 equipped, 1 Planted)
5 Kebia Berries
5 Colbur Berries
5 Coba Berries
4 Oran Berries
6 Pecha Berries
5 Payapa Berries(1 Equipped)
15 Haban Berries
9 Rindo Berries(I think 1 Equipped)
5 Wacan Berries(1 Equipped)
5 Babiri Berries
TM's 9, 23, 30, 45, 51, 57, 60, 88, 89
HM's 1, 2, 3, 6
1 Macho Brace
1 Quick Claw
1 Soothe Bell
1 Charcoal
8 Super Potions
10 Potions
10 Antidotes
2 Great Ball
2 Lure Ball
5 Poke Ball
4 Awakening
4 Burn Heal
5 Ice Heal
10 hyper Potion
5 Full Heal
5 Parlyz Heal
2 Ether
2 Heal Powder
1 Max Potion
Apricorn Box
VS. Recorder
Old Rod
Coin Case
Fashion Case
Berry Pots(2 set)
Dowsing Machine
Good Rod(1 set)

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