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A solution to almost any problem

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if you would like to know a solution to almost any problem, just ask me. What I have learned is that almost anything can be solved with talking, no one needs violence. Violence is just something that makes people want to talk, but you don't need violence to solve anything, just a voice. Think about what Martin Luther King Jr. did, or even Rosa Parks. They both spoke out against non-colored being the boss or just that the non-colored people just ruling the world. when Martin Luther King Jr. spoke out about his dream of blacks living in harmony with the whites, the people where listening, even though they killed him just a bit later, they still followed his dream. If america didn't talk to the british to become an independent country, america would still be only 13 diffent colonies.
What I am basically saying is that if you talk about something, it makes others understand how you think, or a problem. Out of what I know, no one reads minds, but if you speak whats on your mind, things can get resolved. Having someone to talk to when you get mad, or are upset makes a huge difference than if you didn't have anyone to talk to. Just ask a friend, teacher, parent, or just someone you can trust if you can talk to them about something, it normally helps.

If you would like any other ideas of how talking helps, or any other ways to resolve things, I am actually very competent about that kind of stuff.

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  1. System Error's Avatar
    The mental image of Obama trying to talk to Osama being hilarious aside...uhh...wait, what?

    There's nothing wrong with a little violence when necessary, as some people speak the language of violence. Not everyone has an idealistic view of the world, and sometimes you need to use an alternative method to get through. Of course, use some restraint.
  2. ChinYao's Avatar
    ... Umm... you do realize that England refused to allow America to become an independent country after 'talking' and that's where the war came in? If the war hadn't happened, there would be no America.

    Same with the Civil War. People used words to fight for their right, but we still had to endure a war to get the point across.

    I think leaving violence out of small arguments like those found in communities is great, but violence can be necessary in arguments between countries. Not that we want it to be, but that's how it is currently and I don't see that changing for many many many many years.
    Updated 28th January 2011 at 08:46 PM by ChinYao
  3. Jadeco's Avatar
    What about Nazi Germany and the Holocaust?
  4. Roserade299909's Avatar
    well then, how do you think they write treaties after war, they have to talk. if they didn't talk, then no war would end.
    The holocaust was just against the nazi's. if the nazi's and holocaust never got violent, then they would have never had to get into violence.
    violence is never needed,it is just brought apon the people by themselves. is I don't punch my friend in the face, chances are my friend won't punch me in the face. if britain never declined to give america there independence and then send over thousands of thier soldiers, and begin writing new taxes every other year for the colonists to pay, we would have been fine being part of thier country. but because britain began taxing us without representation, we decided we wanted to be independent.
  5. Jadeco's Avatar
    But the holocaust did and was violent. Do you think we could have talked Hitler out of genocide?
  6. Roserade299909's Avatar
    Well, the holocaust was not meant to become violent. the jewish people were just scapegoats, which means that they were just being blamed without proff bassically. The reason the jews were locked up is because Hitler made it so people wouldn't speak out, and hitler got the power he needed, just because he thought that it was a jews fault that they lost the great war that was fought in germany, and convincing the others was easy.
  7. Jadeco's Avatar
    Okay, first of all, they weren't just "locked up." They were murdered in what is arguably the largest genocides in history. And actually it was planned to be very violent because Germany confiscated all Jewish lands and property. The process of locating and capturing them was very methodical. And what were they going to do with the displaced? Kill them, obviously, because the Jews a) as the Germans believed, were poison to the Aryan world and b) were defenseless and literally had nothing anymore.

    And when I asked "What about Nazi Germany and the Holocaust?" I meant that the only action was to go to war with Germany to make them stop. Like I said, "Do you think we could have talked Hitler out of genocide?" Could we talk him out of changing the momentum of what he already had done? No, he was on such a power trip...much like Gaddafi in Libya today.


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