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My Game's

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This is my first blog, so if I miss anything, tell me.

This blog is about my video games(as it says in the title). My First vidoe game was for some odd reason Pokemon Silver, and I got that game when I was 4 years old. When I got it, I just learned how to play pokemon, and that there was a such thing as pokemon. My brother got very upset because he had me try out his pokemon crystal first(though niether of these games are our's yet), and had me save a new game on his game, which he was proud of, because he got a Quilava. I then got some yu-gi-oh and tony hawk games afterwards, though they were really lame. When I was nine, I got my own GBA, and finally quit borrowing my grandpa's. also, when I got my GBA, I also got pokemon sapphire, and pokemon leafgreen. I lost my pokemon sapphire a couple of years later, in my grandma's recliner. I got a replacement for pokemon sapphire, as well as a brand new pokemon ruby and pokemon emerald. After that, I played my new pokemon emerald for about half a month, and then beat it. Ithen found out how to get all the rest of the legendaries(the regies, groudon, and kyogre) and went to get them. I got Regice and regirock fairly quickly, but could not get registeel for my life, or atleast till I found, and found out exactly what registeels puzzle meant. the cristmas before I turned 12, I got a gamestop gift card that I used to get pokemon pearl(and I had no DS yet), I was craving to play it forever in a half(which was about half a month) and then got a DS Lite for my 12th birthday. Afterwards, I was playing that thing for about 4 hours, adjusting the sound until it was just where I could stand it, and I played my new pokemon pearl for about 2 hours until I got to sleep. I then got a pokemon pearl for that next cristmas, and for my next birthday, my great G-ma went out with me and my brother and I got a pokemon platinum and game guide.The game guide was off because I bought it with the pokemon platinum. For my last birthday(my 13th) O got a pokemon soulsilver(I paid for mostly myself(pre-order)) and over the Summer, I got Mario & luigi: Bowser's inside story(good game) and dragon quest IX(dragon quest 9), and this cristmas, I got a early cristmas present from my great G-ma, and it was actually something I picked out, pokemon ranger: gaurdian signs.
(when I go out with my great G-ma, I get to choose what I get for my birthday and cristmas)

that is about up-to-date now, If there is anything I am missing, besides friend codes, tell me. The reason I don't have my friend codes on here for is because I have Wi-Fi, but I can't connect to it, because it has to advanced for my DS Lite to connect to, though I do have it active on my DS.

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  1. DarkShadowJake's Avatar
    You have the same interest of games as me. Pretty cool history there.
  2. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Your grandpa had a GBA? All my grandparents know about videogames is that "the younger generation is obsessed with them when they could be outside playing."
  3. Roserade299909's Avatar
    yes he did, but that was because he had found a couple of mario games, and the GBA had one of those magnifiers that was always on it thank to him.


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