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My Game's

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by , 24th December 2010 at 09:45 PM (381 Views)
This is my first blog, so if I miss anything, tell me.

This blog is about my video games(as it says in the title). My First vidoe game was for some odd reason Pokemon Silver, and I got that game when I was 4 years old. When I got it, I just learned how to play pokemon, and that there was a such thing as pokemon. My brother got very upset because he had me try out his pokemon crystal first(though niether of these games are our's yet), and had me save a new game on his game, which he was proud of, because he got a Quilava. I then got some yu-gi-oh and tony hawk games afterwards, though they were really lame. When I was nine, I got my own GBA, and finally quit borrowing my grandpa's. also, when I got my GBA, I also got pokemon sapphire, and pokemon leafgreen. I lost my pokemon sapphire a couple of years later, in my grandma's recliner. I got a replacement for pokemon sapphire, as well as a brand new pokemon ruby and pokemon emerald. After that, I played my new pokemon emerald for about half a month, and then beat it. Ithen found out how to get all the rest of the legendaries(the regies, groudon, and kyogre) and went to get them. I got Regice and regirock fairly quickly, but could not get registeel for my life, or atleast till I found, and found out exactly what registeels puzzle meant. the cristmas before I turned 12, I got a gamestop gift card that I used to get pokemon pearl(and I had no DS yet), I was craving to play it forever in a half(which was about half a month) and then got a DS Lite for my 12th birthday. Afterwards, I was playing that thing for about 4 hours, adjusting the sound until it was just where I could stand it, and I played my new pokemon pearl for about 2 hours until I got to sleep. I then got a pokemon pearl for that next cristmas, and for my next birthday, my great G-ma went out with me and my brother and I got a pokemon platinum and game guide.The game guide was off because I bought it with the pokemon platinum. For my last birthday(my 13th) O got a pokemon soulsilver(I paid for mostly myself(pre-order)) and over the Summer, I got Mario & luigi: Bowser's inside story(good game) and dragon quest IX(dragon quest 9), and this cristmas, I got a early cristmas present from my great G-ma, and it was actually something I picked out, pokemon ranger: gaurdian signs.
(when I go out with my great G-ma, I get to choose what I get for my birthday and cristmas)

that is about up-to-date now, If there is anything I am missing, besides friend codes, tell me. The reason I don't have my friend codes on here for is because I have Wi-Fi, but I can't connect to it, because it has to advanced for my DS Lite to connect to, though I do have it active on my DS.

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  1. DarkShadowJake's Avatar
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    You have the same interest of games as me. Pretty cool history there.
  2. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
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    Your grandpa had a GBA? All my grandparents know about videogames is that "the younger generation is obsessed with them when they could be outside playing."
  3. Roserade299909's Avatar
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    yes he did, but that was because he had found a couple of mario games, and the GBA had one of those magnifiers that was always on it thank to him.


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