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Hello, it's me again. second is usually worse than the first, but here we go.

as almost if not any of you don't know my name, I will start with that. Iam Patrick, and I am an 8th grader as it says in one of my posts in the fun and games section. my experiences make me seem extremely non-social, but I love conversations and being with others instead of just myself. I can't start a conversation at all, but I will carry on any conversation I am put into. Also, as I said, I love to be with others instead of myself, but my wi-fi oblects with that. my ds cannot connect to the wifi at my house because of reasons I will not speak of. I would really love to bettle with others online, or just get into a successful poffin brewing group, but that will never happen. my brother can't cook the poffins, and my best friends either won't do it, or just can't see to do it.

Onto another subject, Iam extremely shy, and I don't like to go out in the world. but I meet new people every once in a while. Whenever a new family moves next door to me, I always spark up the nerve to start a conversation, and always meet neew people that way. but it is hard for me to make friends beyond that. most of my friends came from when I was young, or my best trait that annoys all, eavesdropping. Ilisten for a interest I have in common with someone else, and then spark a small conversation about that, and then it just continues itself. the other reason I can make new friends is because of existing friends, like I said, one of my friends from when I was young wanted me to have a neighbor to come over from a couple houses down, and that is how I got to be friends with the neighbors there.

other than that, Ican't make new friends. I make friends only with people I trust, which makes it extremely hard now-a-days, since almost no one can be trusted that you meet just from somewhere random.

It is also very strange how I xan become friends with 1 person, and become friends with many others at the same time. like my best friends hunter, I met him when we were very young, and we became friends because of that. But that is what is strange, any time I go to talk to hunter, I am also making friends with other students in his class(like if I walk into his classroom with there teachers permission, I would have other walk up to me and talk to me). I also makes friends without knowing them. for the last few years, everytime I blow out, more people start to talk to me. no matter what grade they are, they all know my name. even the new 6th graders, which should not since nothing has happened that would make them know me this year.

if you look at this, and have any tips for me to make more friends, go right ahead.

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  1. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Any clubs at school interest you? You could join a couple of those, maybe ask some of the friends you have now to join with you. Volunteering is another option.
  2. Roserade299909's Avatar
    not a very good choice for me, mostly because of my fear of closed spaces, and the fact that if I stay after school, I would have to call my father, walk, or ride the activity bus home that has more kids that were in trouble with after school detention than those that went to a club.
  3. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    I can understand the hassle of getting a ride back home, but how does having a fear of closed spaces prevent you from joining clubs?

    I'll say volunteering again. Maybe at a local animal shelter or shop kitchen. Or if you go to church, you could volunteer there too. Though if you can't get a ride for that either then this point is moot too.
  4. Roserade299909's Avatar
    I don't go to church, I have no idea where there is an animal shhelter near my house if there is one. what do you mean by shop kithchen is what Ithink about that. and the reason why my fear of closed places keeps me from joining clubs is because people are always crowding the entire place, and the fact that I can't stand being in a crowd, and you don't want to be in one with me, mostly becuase there will be a bit more than a few bloody noses and a black eye.
  5. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Whoops, I meant soup kitchen. ^^;

    Other than those suggestions I don't know what to tell you. Maybe try talking to people you normally don't talk to in your classes? Or going for a stroll when it's nicer and starting up conversations with neighbors that are outside?
  6. Roserade299909's Avatar
    Still neve heard of a soup kitchen, the other people that I don't normally talk to in my classes are all not talked to because they act like they want t oget everyone's attention, and that just means they are ignored all the time(that and the fact that they are mostly all ***********). I don't enjoy going for walks when it is sunny or just not rainy, I rather the rain or snow to the sun, because when I go into the sun, it basically drains me of all energy inside and outside of me, and then gives me a major headache.
  7. Jadeco's Avatar
    I also think you should volunteer! I bet if you ask one of your favorite teachers for advice, they'll help you out, too =)
  8. Roserade299909's Avatar
    I might volunteer, but it would have to be a very quite spot like a library because I cannot focus with a lot of noise going on around me. I have a teacher for my first period, and all my teacher does is read a book called :7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens," which does not help at all. The sad part is that my teacher is teaching Social Skills that period.


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