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Figure I'll try

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by , 29th January 2011 at 02:25 AM (691 Views)
I have seen many different people with one of these things, so I figured I give it a 3 hour try.

prepare for a lot of question marks

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  1. Roserade299909's Avatar
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    never mind, only took me an hour
  2. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
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    but I am not smart enough to do 5x22+ 392q23
    I thought that EVERYBODY could do that one... we all know that the answer to that one is "pineapple," except on Sundays, in which it is "antelope."
  3. Soulweaver's Avatar
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    How smart would this survey be if it were a person???
    ever heard of cleverbot?? that is smarter than this survey would be.
    You just gave me a brilliant idea. :D Wait for it...


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