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Morru Magnum

Crystal Clear #1: Meet the Team (and Others)

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by , 29th May 2013 at 01:04 PM (283 Views)
You know how Ash saw a shining bird Pokémon at the start of his Journey? Well he isn’t the only one.
If that kid from Pallet Town saw Ho-oh , I saw something, uh, similar, perhaps much less in grandeur compared to a Legendary but still a sight to behold—


I guess I should probably explain. I’ve decided to blog about my journey through Johto as I replay my old Pokémon Crystal, and these are my stories *_*. Oharceus the blog name it makes sense now. Bleeugh. Awful. Bad Morru Magnum.

I have a confession to make, though. I’m pretty far into the game, and I wish I’d thought about blogging about this sooner. I mean I could *try* to remember all the things I’ve done, but it would involve much guesswork, and I’m not a memory robot either. Hehe. Guess I’ll have to stick to where I am now, which is at the “Home of the Ninja”—Mahogany Town!

Whoah wait what? ‘Home of the Ninja’? Did Koga live here at one point? Or did Pryce dabble in shuriken flinging in his youth? I don’t know, but that description doesn’t fit. Totes should’ve read: “Welcome to Mahogany Town, the Home of Cool.”



I figured I’d introduce my team in this first entry, because wynaut. Wynauts don’t exist for me yet tho because im in GenII omg no spoilers.


Gian the FERALIGATR ♂ Lv35
[Surf / Water Gun / Cut / Bite ]
Obtained: Given by Prof. Elm

I’ve broken a lot of personal traditions in this playthrough, as evident in my starter choice. I’ve always chosen Cyndaquil, despite feeling Fire starters are overrated. Chikorita was a no-go, never really quite liked how it looked, so Totodile it was. Now a fearsome Feraligatr, my starter is actually named after me. (I chose to play as a girl for the first time so I couldn’t name my player after myself like I usually do :P I used my girlfriend’s name instead which is totes OK and fine btw) arceus knows she will not approve of this what have I done hehe


Ziggurat the DUNSPARCE ♂ Lv34
[ Rage / Defense Curl / Glare / Pursuit ]
Obtained: Dark Cave

My second Pokémon is a Dunsparce. You got a problem with that, Joey? No, I don’t think so. Ziggurat’s a power player with Rage, though he’s pretty stubborn when it comes to grinding. Couldn’t use him at Ecruteak at all, so thank the heavens for Pursuit. You should all know that he’s totes cute when he tries to Glare. He likes PSNCUREBERRYs and long strolls at the National Park.


Bellatrix the ARBOK ♀ Lv34
[ Bite / Glare / Poison Sting / Screech ]
Obtained: Route 32

Obligatory Harry Potter reference. I could've named her Nagini but that sounded too fantasy-ish, and I'm trying to break that habit too. I would always name my Pokémon with fantasy inspired names, and I tried not to in this run. Ok, Bellatrix is still a fantasy-ish, but wuteva. My Arbok battles to faint, yo'.


Tempest the FEAROW ♂ Lv34
[ Peck / Fury Attack / Mirror Move / Pursuit ]
Obtained: Route 46

Tempest is the quiet member of the team, but he gets the job done. He likes to shroud himself in mystery. Secretly addicted to HP UPs. Destined to be my FLYer. His Fury Attack puts the FEAR in FEAROW. YES I JUST REALLY TOTALLY SAID THAT. YOU CANT STOP ME. ;-;


Contagion the VENOMOTH ♂ Lv34
[ Confusion / Gust / Tackle / Poisonpowder ]
Obtained: Ilex Forest

Mother of Mewtwo, look at that name. This is probably one of my top ten best nicknames I've given a Pokémon. Say it. Contagion the Venomoth. Perf. Pretty proud of this bugger when he evolved. Admittedly he was the weakest in the team, but not anymore. He rips through the teams of Jugglers/Fishers/Beauties (hehe)/what have you. Go go Contagion!


Clash the HITMONLEE ♂ Lv34
[ Hi Jump Kick / Dizzy Punch / Tackle / Rock Smash ]
Obtained: Hatched from Egg given by Daycare Man

Clash was hatched on the second floor of Goldenrod's Radio Tower. He proved hard to level with only Tackle and Dizzy Punch (for the longest time I thought this move was Fighting, BUT NOPE IT'S NORMAL ;-;). The original plan was to let Clash evolve into any of the Hitmons, EXCEPT for Hitmontop. I hate Hitmontop--look at that thing, it's basically Bugsy but upside down. Hitmontop also had the *most* annoying voice in the animé. hrgh. While leveling, I noticed that Clash always had the same value for all his stats, so in the end I chose to buy a Protein from the Goldenrod Department Store (leaving me broke) and evolve the Tyrouge into Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee is so metal, look at them eyes. Aw yeeeeaaaaaaaaaa

SO. That's my Team of 6, but I feel my box Pokémon deserve a brief mention. I've made it a rule not to catch anything else so I have something to do postgame unless I absolutely have to catch it/it's a shiny (I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE, PIDGEY). So here goes my box Pokémon:

Nobel the GASTLY ♂ Lv8
He was going to be a part of my original team, but he didn't make the cut when I realized I couldn't fully evolve him. Sorry, Nobel. Hope you're stable. (Ahahahaha omg i hate myself chemistry jokes on a pokemon forum? x__x)

Melisand the TOGEPI ♀ Lv5
Wasn't really up to raising Togepi this time around as I've almost always had a Togetic in my team.

Duplicity the SUDOWOODO ♀ Lv5
Shake 'em buttress roots

Aggression the GYARADOS ♂ Lv30

I also totally abandoned left Astrid the Hoppip ♀ at the Daycare. Originally part of the team and was the first wild Pokémon I caught, she just needs more training. seeyou after i beet the elitefour hehe

Oh Astrid. What a dumb face you have : >

WELP, THATS IT FOLKS. If people like this enough I'll continue. Actually, I'll continue anyway even if this gets like zero responses. because damnit i am the chosen one
the shiny pidgey i never caught said so

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  1. Zexy's Avatar
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    You are doing great for introductory. Just make sure that you will tell more from Mahoghany to Mt Silver...
    Looking forward to a good job.
    Morru Magnum likes this.
  2. L.L.'s Avatar
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    If I saw a shiny before I could catch it I would rage quit right there.
  3. Morru Magnum's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by L.L.
    If I saw a shiny before I could catch it I would rage quit right there.
    I stared at that winged monster for what felt like hours (read: fifteen minutes) just thinking to myself,


    what have i done wrong


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