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  1. Bulbagarden has decided to glitch out on me.

    When I'm looking at images, they won't process right. Along with the occasional screen flicker.

    Sheesh, first the lags, then the glitching, and now my pointless blog? Today must be a really buggy day for the BMGf.
  2. Led Zeppelin = Yoshi's Island?!

    Listen to the first three minutes of the song '[URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXFUnnoSphY"]In the Light[/URL]' by Led Zeppelin, and then listen to the [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1Ose7A8P94"]Final Boss battle music[/URL] in Yoshi's Island.

    The final boss music sounds like a quickened version of the LZ song. I don't know why, but when I first listened to the song 'In the Light' I instantly thought of that.

    Nintendo did good, taking ...

    Updated 5th February 2011 at 02:30 PM by Der_Neuevenmenschen

  3. A very strange case of the writer's block

    I can't seem to finish anything, for some reason, when I'm writing. I have all the ideas in my head, but no way to put them on paper. Schoolwork and RL aren't getting in the way, because I alwas find a place and time for writing my fics.

    And, not to mention, I really want some of my new fics to get a little higher off the ground than relentless bump posts. Any suggestions on how to shake my writer's block? (other than betareading, which I'm already doing with Gmama and Gi-gi-gi-giaru/Zekurom) ...
  4. Platinum Update 3: National Pokedex Updates!

    I've got some really good news. Early last month, I got the National Pokedex! How, you ask? Well, it's simple: After a shitload of trading with myself (I was using a cousin's DS that I had borrowed), I got not only Phione, but a Skuntank and a Rampardos (along with a level 82 Cradily and a level 32 Skorupi). Of course, after discovering that Phione isn't in the Sinnoh Dex, I then found out that I had to find Rotom to fill my Dex.

    One problem with that, though: It was nighttime when ...

    Updated 2nd February 2011 at 10:44 AM by Der_Neuevenmenschen

  5. Guess who's back?!?!

    It's everyone's favorite asshole, complere with a name change and a clean slate!

    During the recent ban, I've decided to change my ways! Now, I will be troll free [B]forever[/B]!

    Also, to follow up with this, I'll be working on my fics alot these next months, and there may just be a few new blogs on my personal conspiracy theories and playthroughs of videogames!

    Noob out.
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