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Gym Battles - Mistralton

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Round 1 - Dewott vs Swoobat

Swoobat descends to get closer to Dewott. Dewott uses Water Gun which is dodged by Swoobat, then jumps, but gets Heart Stamped. Swoobat uses Heart Stamp again, but this time Dewott runs up an antenna and backflips out of the way. Swoobat attacks with Charge Beam which Dewott seems hurt by, but dodges a few more Charge Beams and lands a hit with Water Gun. Swoobat uses Charge Beam again, but Dewott jumps off antennae, ends up above Swoobat, and finishes it with Razor Shell.

Round 2 - Pikachu vs Swanna

Pikachu starts with Thunderbolt, but Swanna uses Hurricane to form a barrier of sorts, and eventually attacks with Wing Attack. Pikachu uses Quick Attack to get close, but Swanna uses Hurricane again. Pikachu counters by using Quick Attack to (literally) run up the Hurricane and strike Swanna with an Electro Ball at point-blank range, KOing both Pokémon.

Round 3 - Dewott vs Unfezant

Dewott starts with Razor Shell, which hits twice and does considerable damage. Unfezant uses Featherdance to disorientate Dewott. Once Dewott pulls itself together, it attacks with Razor Shell only to hit a Substitute (which Unfezant used while Dewott was shaking off Featherdance) and be finished with Aerial Ace.

Final Round - Unfezant vs Unfezant

Ash's Unfezant uses Aerial Ace which hits Skyla's Unfezant, then Quick Attack which also hits. Skyla's Unfezant uses Featherdance again. Ash, not one to fall for the same trick twice, has his Unfezant disperse the move with Gust, but Skyla's Unfezant takes full advantage of the opening and hits Ash's Unfezant with Aerial Ace and Quick Attack. The two Unfezant exchange Quick Attacks, none of which connect... but Ash remembers what the Pokédex said about female Unfezant being better at flying than the males. Skyla's Unfezant uses Aerial Ace and Ash tells his Unfezant to make a sharp turn. Skyla's Unfezant is unable to follow suit, so its attack misses (!) and Ash's Unfezant is presented with an opportunity to hit Skyla's Unfezant with Aerial Ace. Skyla tells her Unfezant to use Substitute, but Ash's Unfezant is too fast and knocks Skyla's Unfezant out with a Super Luck-boosted Air Cutter and Aerial Ace.
Later that evening, Skyla gives Ash a Jet Badge, telling him he's earned it because his Pokémon are so fast, strong and well-trained, and Cilan comments that Ash remembered what the Pokédex said just in time. Then, all of a sudden... Trip shows up, wanting a battle with Skyla.

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