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Gym Battles - Icirrus

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Round 1 - Pignite vs Vanillish

Pignite starts with Ember which hits Vanillish. Vanillish uses Frost Breath which Pignite doesn't seem significantly hurt by. Pignite uses Flame Charge, but Vanillish dodges using Acid Armor to slip across the icy floor and brings Pignite down with Water Pulse.

Round 2 - Boldore vs Vanillish

Boldore uses Flash Cannon which lands a clean hit. Vanillish uses Acid Armor again, but this time Boldore uses Sandstorm. This sends sand flying in all directions, forcing Vanillish to return to solid form. Vanillish uses Frost Breath again, but Boldore dodges and takes Vanillish out with Stone Edge.

Round 3 - Boldore vs Cryogonal

Boldore uses Stone Edge, but Cryogonal dodges and counters with Flash Cannon which connects. Cryogonal then uses Acid Armor, but this time, Sandstorm doesn't show it up. So Boldore turns around just as it turns solid and knocks it out with Flash Cannon.

Round 4 - Boldore vs Beartic

Brycen tells Ash to bear (no pun intended) in mind that Beartic can't learn Acid Armor. Boldore starts with Stone Edge which Beartic dodges before using Hail, activating its Snow Cloak and hurting Boldore. By listening carefully, Boldore is able to hit Beartic with Flash Cannon, but Beartic KOs Boldore with Icicle Crash, Brine and Superpower.

Final Round - Pikachu vs Beartic

Pikachu starts with Electro Ball, but in the Hail, Beartic easily dodges. Beartic uses Icicle Crash which hits and traps Pikachu between some icicles. Beartic uses Brine, which hits for quite a bit of damage, and gets ready to use Superpower, but Pikachu escapes the icicles with Iron Tail and hits Beartic with Thunderbolt, removing the Hail effect. Pikachu hits Beartic with a series of other attacks including Electro Ball and Iron Tail. Despite hitting Pikachu with another Icicle Crash, Beartic is unable to take the constant attacks and eventually faints.
Later on, Brycen gives Ash the Freeze Badge, saying that how Pikachu escaped from the icicles just in time impressed him, and that Ash has earned his badge.

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