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Compromising Positions


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RED is nearly ready to be released into the wilds of the great jungle that is Pokémon fan fiction. This has been a work in progress for a while now, and I'm pleased that it is shaping up into something viable that I can be proud to display to other fans.

It has altered several times over the course of writing it, but I feel strongly that I've found my unique hook, and way to approach the games without feeling cramped or locked into a specific genre or story. This is a sequel to Red & Blue, the games are the only canon I will follow, and this is some ten years later.

I strongly believe that Pokémon has a robust, meaty cast of secondary characters that I intend to use to their fullest; No Original Characters here. I saw no reason or viable role for characters I had created.

I don't know how different this is to other Poké fiction. You'll see if you read it. It might be quite the stark contrast to what you might expect from Pokémon, but I was writing to find my voice, and I'm proud to say I did.

This is my next time into exploring the Pokémon world and franchise. I've dug in and found an approach that is rich, powerful, and exciting. An angle that works for me. If you read it, I hope you enjoy it.

It begins September 7th.

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