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M&M- Series Two

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I get distracted way too easily. My wife says it's 'cause I'm a little ADHD, I just think it's 'cause I'm easily bored.

So, Series Two of Monsters & Men is well on its way. It'll be up in Fan Fic soonish. I rewrote the entire second series. Building a proper Pokémon fic is difficult when you want to try and play against convention. But, also, I have fun with this and throw in random ass shit because, hey, I'm a Pokémon fan.

There's definitely fan service, because I can. There's more absurdities, because I can. But it all makes sense in the context of the story. As far as I'm concerned anyway. There are only so many places you can go after having a labyrinth beneath one of the character's homes. But that has a proper explanation. And that should be obvious to anyone who reads Series One.

Now, as for Series One, no, it may not have been completely perfect, but it was only the second Pokémon prose fic I ever wrote to completion, so that's something. I thought it was fun, trying to build off the concept my daughter suggested, while also tying it into the little comics I made for each of my friends. It wasn't too shabby, and achieved its goal quite well.

Series Two, though, is going into a very different place. It's going to deal with its owns series of themes and won't be as innocent as Series One, at least that's how it's looking currently. I could wake up tomorrow and hate the entire thing. But I don't think I will.

Series Two of Monsters & Men is coming soon, and will consist of a thirteen episode second season, if you will.

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