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Creating a Non-Pokemon RPG

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, 20th June 2013 at 01:27 PM (347 Views)
So, first off, I've checked the rules and the layout of the forums here, and it says all non-Pokemon RPGs go in the approriate sub forum. Does that sub forum still exist, or am I blind?

I thrive on play-by-post (message board) Role Playing Games. It's one of the reasons I rarely come around most other boards, because I use to have an old haunt that I played at. Alas, the site has unexpectedly been shut down, permanently, and I'm looking for a new base to begin my RPG's.

The site I use to visit was a RPG paradise, no invasive rules, no absurdities, you rated the game, listed the genre, and it was all to the discretion of the Game Master and their players. And it looks as though Bulbagarden has a pretty ripe RPG forum, I respect the rules, the flow seems steady. And, out of every other board I visit, this site looks the most respectable.

So, first hand knowledge; have you played many non-Pokemon RPGs here? I'm curious to know what people think of the place.

I create story driven RPGs, and I've started and finished approximately 24 individual games since I was 13. Yeah, I've been in the play-by-post business for eleven years. I adore it. And with my favorite site gone, I'm trying to find a nice home for this game I've been working on for the past two months, it's nearly ready to go.

It is a BIONICLE themed RPG. Completely separate from the dense canon that was established from 2001-2010. Rather, it's a spiritual successor. You won't need to know anything to play the game beside what I introduce in the opening posts.

I have a few people who intend to move with me wherever I decide to plant my roots, but I don't reserve spots, I don't think that's fair. As it stands, quite basically, I'm looking for about eleven players; five Toa (minus the one I'll be playing), and six Tohunga (original name for the Matoran). Unlike the lego franchise, I intend to spend this as humans in armor, and smaller humans for Tohunga basically. It's just where I want to go with it to show that this is a different kind of Bionicle world.

I just thought I'd start a dialogue with some RPG players here. Thank you for any kind words, and hopefully this garden has enough fertile ground for another eager game master.

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    There are many(at least several) non-Pokemon RPs here, and there is no specific forum for them. So they are fair game, just post in the correct forum with everything that is needed and you're all ready to go.


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